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The Guardian: 2 Years Later: The First Instagram Photo


Two years ago today, we tested the first photo upload to an app we called Codename. Three months later, in October 2010, Instagram launched to the public.

Today, 1 year and 9 months later, over 50 million people have shared more than 1 billion photos on Instagram. […]

My favorite thing that anyone has ever said about Instagram is when my amazing hair/make-up stylist Kim Anderson said, “Instagram is Spanx for photography.” I actually think this is a pretty genius analogy, wisely countering many of the claims people make about Instagram “ruining” photography. Spanx reshapes a person’s body to match certain aesthetics — it does not change the underlying body. Instagram, similarly, instantly changes a photo’s aesthetics via filters. But the underlying composition still needs to be there. I honestly have no qualms about Instagram’s “debasement” of photography as some purist art form as I similarly have no qualms about Spanx’s ability to “cheat” some arbitrary beauty standard. I tend to think that more people taking pictures, with or without filters, is a good thing. In the same way that I think more people feeling good about how their bodies look, one way or another, is a good thing. But then, I guess I’m really just a populist at heart.

(Source: Guardian)

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